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PSN Profile Not Showing Correct %.

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The PSN Profile is not showing my current percentage. I am at 12% on Level 21 but it says 6% and there is no games nor trophies hidden.It was syncing before but now it is not syncing correctly. 


Attached is my us.playstation.com/psn id on word and it says 12% and not 6% and no where on my list do I have a game turned off.


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I'm a new member & my account has no stats showing at all...my trophy card has the current layout & avatar, but whenever I try to 'update user' from the home screen, it still shows zero stats...in actual fact I'm Lv13 with 1% and have 1,130 trophies...there is this message under my card, but I have not set anything to private =  Aww, no trophies here :(     (or this profile is private)


Here is my card with hip-hop honeyz. Can any admin help please....I want to join the trophy leader board. cheers :)





                                                                                                   Aww, no trophies here :( 

                                                                           (or this profile is private)

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I kinda have a same relative question : When does the trophy % rarety refresh?  I just finished BEYOND-TWO SOULS last friday and the platinum trophy was at 1,93% ( in my rare trophy list). Now the thophy when up to 3.25%, but its still listed in my profile at 1,93%.


Your profile stats don't update "live". All your stats will be recalculated and updated the next time you sync... don't forget, you will need to earn a new trophy however, in order to make PSNP see a change and actually sync your profile.

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