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I want to play this series but

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I love this series, but Birth by Sleep  is what is holding me back, i played this on Xbox  and the ice cream minigame was a royal pain, and i have bad reaction timing, a friend  ended up doing them for me, i decided to come back to playstation and I would love to play the games but it's that minigame that is holding me back from doing all the games, any advice  on how to do  it so i can play the rest in order?

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On 5/12/2020 at 11:45 AM, Cyphaser said:

You can't finish  all 3 without doing it at all, one character needs it, which is why i am asking and I would like to platinum it as well

Man, reduce your HDMI settings to 480p and it will be really easier. The timing will be easier due to frames in your screen. (Remember this is a PSP game originally). So adjust it to 480p and write down in a notebook the patterns and pause and repeat. And remember: practice makes masters. This is by far the best KH, (I've only played this and KH1 and 2 in PS2 but it is the greatest and the most enjoyable). The plat takes a while. I have done everything except beating the game in Critical mode. I will take a rest and then complete it again but in Critical. Enjoy!

PD: Command board is also a hated minigame  but once you know how to play it good, then it is the best minigame! It is really enjoyable (my favourite).

Trust me, reduce it to 480p ;)

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