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[VIDEO] Trophy guide


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Anyone else have problems completing the attic, or was it just me? I looked at several video guides but nothing helped, so I'd like share my solution for completing the game.

First off, it is possible to get the broach in one go. If you've died a few times like me :D, you already know where the broach is, so don't bother with the monocle. Go straight to the debris and clear as in the video and once the broach is revealed pick it up and leg it (again, as per video).

When I picked up the toy from the couch, I didn't realise that the beam broke and when Monster appeared down the 'broken wall' passage I was kind of stranded, so I went the other way and hid behind the first panel/wall (on the left). Monster walked past me & stopped just a little past my hiding place.

Hm... I crouched and snuck past it. It seems Monster is attracted by sound, and all this running around gets it's attention. So I remained crouched and slowly went to the valves, got the ball, returned to the circles and dumped the stuff. Now I needed to get Monster's attention, so I run up and down between the two circles. Seemed like an age & I figured I got it stuck with my sneaking, but no, it scared the crap out of me when it appeared right next to me, but I was quick enough to run past the red circle to complete the game.

I don't know if crouching is essential, walking slowly might work, but either slowly and quietly is the way to go if you are struggling like me.

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