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Are DLC useful to platinum?

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On 2021/3/24 at 3:58 AM, RedHotChiliFan1 said:

I've done both versions and I say save your money. I'm a 2D Noob and I managed to get it without any dlcs.


If ya need some help let me know.

I still have my memorise about all missions.


I am a 2D fighting games rookie.

What is the best character gems you start to practice skill and dive in the arcade and mission mode??

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I don't know about the gems, but the trophy of 300 titles is very fast if you buy the DLC of the characters, including Lars and Alisa are great in the most difficult difficulties. But they don't need to platinum, only if you want to be a more complete set of characters.



Just to recap (even though everyone should know by then) Jim Ryan give up on closing the PS Store on the PS3.?

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