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Tip for completing Story Mode levels


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That's very helpful!  Especially if you want to get 3 stars on every stage!  You can also turn off the scaling difficulty, but even when I tried that, I ran into that same issue with some stages having Mr. 25-second-massive-combo-instant-death pop up.  I ended up just skipping those stages, which weren't actually too many after turning off scaling difficulty.  I'll try your method and go back to clean up what I've missed!

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If you instantly die intentionally, the game will think that you're a complete beginner. That way you can plow through every stage without any difficulties, which isn't really fun either. So I recommmend to always try your best when encountering godlike CPUs, even if there's no way you're gonna win. Then return to the stage select screen and try again. That way the game will try to match the CPU difficulty to your true skill level, which can make for some fun games.

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By now I don’t think so. I am at 86% and 3 star only a fraction and am not even done with all levels

but atm I got a big problem. The game sees to think I am the ultimate Tetris god. In level 6-8 ai beats me within 10-15s every time. I tried to loose on purpose and skip alit. That didn’t help. I tried to loose and skip on other levels but it still does not get better. I don’t even know how he does damage so insane quick. On my good runs I manage to make it take 30s before I die

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I can confirm that you don't need even close to 3 stars on every level to get 100%. I got 3 stars on everything and I think I got 100% around 60-70% through the story mode. 1 star on every level I don't think will be close to enough but you only need to get so many stars to get that trophy.

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