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Recommend a PS3-only title


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In this thread I would like recommendations for games that only exist on the PlayStation 3 (including Sony consoles, of course, it can exist on consoles other than Sony but within Sony there is only a list of trophies specific to the PS3). That game that you played but few know about, that gem, or just a game that you liked a lot and think that more people should try. You can recommend as many games as you like. Talk a little about each game and why someone should play it. The goal is to find good PlayStation 3 games that have gone unnoticed by many, and enjoy playing while there is time.





"Dyad is a unique puzzle-shooting-racing game that was released in 2012 on the Playstation Network. Its unique colors will trip out any person who is playing it. This game offers 26 unique stages that all have its own specific way of completing. The gameplay is hard to compare since its such a unique game but think of WipEout HD's Zone mode with a bit of a puzzle game shooter like Tron."


This is a quote from PST, this is a very unique game that provides an experience that is different from almost everything you've ever played. It's really worth it, you shouldn't let this gem die in oblivion. I'm not going to lie, platinum is a little difficult and frustrating but that shouldn't be a problem. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the originality and eccentricity of this beautiful game.





"What do you get when you cross a Bullet Hell game with a Rhythm game, then reverse it? Retro/Grade, that's what! Retro/Grade is a very unique and innovative game that fuses the white knuckle thrills and over the top visuals of a shooter with the broad appeal of a rhythm game. Players are forced to dodge enemy projectiles while positioning the ship to be in the correct place to fire their lasers when their shots come back to them. Earning 100% in Retro/Grade will take a significant amount of skill, as X-TREME difficulty really is just that. You'll need to practically memorize the levels and have awesome fast reflexes to earn some of the trophies." (quote from PST)


This is one of the most fun games I've ever played in my life, it presents an unusual and very memorable proposal, so you will be immersed in music and the reversal of time. The "real game" presents itself in the the last two difficulties (there are 6 difficulties), there are only ten game levels that gradually increase the challenge. Start with the lesser difficulties, and soon you will see yourself looking for more challenge. This game does not have a platinum trophy, only an extremely difficult 100% with some bronze trophies, but that is just a detail; be sure to give it a try. I still play this game to this day!


Both games are somewhat music/colors/space related, this is my suggestion for you guys!

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X-Men Origins Wolverine

It's such a great game made by good developers that treated the character with respect and gave us that R-rated Wolverine we wanted long before Logan came out. It's really underrated and unheard of because a lot of people assume it's just like every other lame movie tie in game and because the movie it was based on was pretty crap. But this is amazing. It similar to God of War in some ways. It just lets you be Wolverine and do violent acts against faceless enemies and fight some of the bad guys from the movie like Sabretooth, Gambit, The Blob, not Deadpool and another awesome from the comics that I won't spoil. It really bums me out that it was a movie tie in game (same as Spider-Man 2 on PS2) because we'll never get a remaster or re-release for that reason no matter how good it was.


Ratchet and Clank: A Crack In Time

IMO one of the best Ratchet games. It's just so much fun and such a good story. Ratchet does his own thing and that's great like normal. Clank is separate from him for most of the game and he has to complete puzzle that involve time. So you can throw an orb that slows down everything in it to get across something that might be moving too fast to walk across. Or recording multiple versions of yourself doing different tasks to complete a puzzle so jumping on a button lowers a platform and jumping off it raises it so you need to record a version of yourself that jumps on that button, then a version that runs to the platform, then re-record the first version jumping on the button, waiting for the second to get on the platform and then jump off the button, then re-record the second version jumping on the platform when it's down and jumping off it when it's up. It's hard to explain but it's so much fun. Also, being able to fly between different planets and moons in actual space listening the radio instead of jumping straight to the planet and 100%ing each moon/planet is awesome. I really hope this part comes back in the new game.


Toy Story 3

A simple game you could probably platinum in a day or two but it's really fun. It's not really based on Toy Story 3 but more just inspired by it. It doesn't follow the story of the film. It's just set after the film and involves the toys in different levels based on certain scenes from the film. My favourite level is definitely the one that lets you play the Buzz Lightyear video game from the beginning of Toy Story 2. I've been wanting to play that fictional game for years ever since I first saw the film at the cinema and that was a childhood dream to finally be able to do it and it being just as awesome as I always imagined. It also has a Toy Box mode which is the original thing that eventually became a big chunk of Disney Infinity (same developers, was so sad to see them shut down but glad WB reopened them and have them working on a Harry Potter game)

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5 hours ago, saiyanbloodstyle said:

MGS 4, masterpiece of a game only on PS3 i believe.


Obviously not unnoticed but it's a must play game on PS3.


It is PS3 only. Something that should have been ported to PS4 (along with the rest of the series). To others who wish to play, and don't have a PS3. I just found out recently there is a playable build of MGS4 on PC via emulation.



Infamous 2

Infamous Festival of Blood


Playing these for the first time at the moment. Great games, a lot of fun.

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