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Platinum NOT Possible On All Regions


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My main account is registered in Finland, and I was playing yesterday but could not unlock “Critter Gumbo”. 

Today I bought the game on my US account, and the trophy unlocked as it should. 

So be careful guys! Not all regions have the patched version available.
Make sure you buy one that mentions “MARS LIGHTCON” in the store description. 

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1 hour ago, Rejim said:

Would be interested in that one but being in EU, I'm a bit hesitant. Is it possible to check the game version before buying it? And if so, how? Thanks.

See here for PS4 patches but do note they don't have all the patch notes listed for every game so the info is incomplete in some cases: https://orbispatches.com/


EDIT: In the case of this game, the EU versions were never patched - therefore the only way to Plat it, is to import a US copy since that did get the 1.02 patch.

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7 hours ago, RawrItsAndrew said:

How do you tell what version you have? According to orbispatches the US has a picture of a deer and the EU has a picture of the title in the AUS store it has the deer does this mean I can get plat and its the US version?

The only way to tell for sure, is to look in the Update History after buying it because the US is on 1.02 but the EU is only on 1.01. Also, the Australian store is twinned with the EU store so will only give you access to the bugged version of the game.

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