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Biome #5 enemy help


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Let me start out by saying that I know with the RNG there isnt a surefire way to get help persay.


What I am interested in is tips on the enemies in Biome 5 - Fractured Wastes.


In all the other Biomes it took multiple playthroughs to memorize enemy patterns and with any gun I would be set, maybe a few hangups.


But the enemies in FW just decimate me. Doesn't matter what I use (though I do tend to lean more towards the Hollowpoint longgun) or what level the proficency is.


Is there anything beyond 'git gud' that someone can suggest?


I really am enjoying the game, this sudden difficulty curve has just stumbled me for the past 4 days lol

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Those guys really suck, they're so aggressive that its hard to get away from them. The other night I had a room with 2 of them, and like 20 of the rocket drones. Something I noticed is that the Dreadnaught weapon seems like it would suck, but at a decent proficiency level it MELTS these guys. Also, when you get them flashing red, try to get 1 or 2 melees in, that does a lot of damage to them. If you dont have a weapon that kills them quickly, take your time. Run around a lot and definitely use the grapple points to your advantage, just zip around like a madman. And dont be afraid to abuse a door if the area isnt on lockdown.

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The hardest guys are the key protecting severed. You will be forced to do the challenge room for a key. You might consider starting here as it's the hardest key to get. Try to find out early if you're gonna die lol.


Make sure to buy the large health vial before moving on from 4. Make sure to buy the one in 5 as well. Make sure you have a resurrecting artifact, and make sure you buy the reconstruction portal.


The two worst enemies here are the drones and severed. For the drones, always keep moving. Don't aim down sights. Usually kill one drone, and then reposition. Really reposition too... Fly out of there with your grapple and find new cover. Make them have to span the map to get you. Their missles are very difficult to see because they don't glow like the alien attacks. Watch closely for them. If absolutely needed on a tight run, you can camp doorways to cheese them.


The severed are the other bad enemy. You will likely have to fight 3 at once in the challenge room. When you get them below half health, they berserk on you and start disappearing and reappearing right on top of you with a melee. Because of that, you want to only hurt one at a time, otherwise you'll be overwhelmed. Pay close attention to the red trail coming off Selene, signifying one is about to appear and melee. As soon as they appear, long dodge out of the way, then turn around quickly and sword them once. The other great attack to punish is their pounce. Dodge out of the way before they land, jump up and over their purple lasers, and if you're quick you can get two of your own melees in.


Good luck mate, and I'm guessing the "try finger but hole" comment you got was in reference to the notes in dark souls.

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Never played Dark Souls - my bad, so I didn't get it. I apologize @GinjAJ


Went completely defensive, constantly moved, purchased every health vial, damage siphon, and give damage get health artifact I could find. Plus the astronaut and restart device.


Had an amazing run last night and in clean up for the collectibles to finish out the plat.

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