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Can i get goat nr.13 after the boss fight

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3 hours ago, redhoodcape said:

I was too stressed out when Moreau was jumping around and I missed it. I saw a comment on youtube that when you go to get the 14 goat you can get 13 too. 

So i need to know if that's true or not.


Is 13 the one on the post in the water, yea u probably can see it from near where u get 14, just make sure u do it b4 u go up the lift

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You can only get goat nr 14 (from powerpyx guide) after the moraue bossfight, theres no way to get it beforehand, i've tried it but with no luck. Whatever you do, do NOT go up the elevator (after the bossfight) otherwise this area will be locked forever.

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Number 13 the one on the wooden post in the middle of the lake. I’d imagine you can “snipe” it from the section where Number 14 is located. Just don’t go up the lift, because then you cannot go back down.

2 hours ago, Nyky_Leonhart said:

yes 13 and 14 looks missable after the fight i tried sniper it too no luck

Number 13 might be.

Number 14’s the one that’s where the boat used to be, but is now drained. That’s only obtainable after the fight.

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