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Boosting characters on same account?

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I'm close to getting the platinum in this game but I'm still missing the trophies relating to Nisha's and Fragtrap's action skills. For that I need to get Fragtrap to lvl 25 and Nisha to around lvl 15 so I was thinking is there any way to boost characters that are on the same account in split screen using two controllers?


Edit: So after a bit of research it turns out that there's an easy way to boost characters that are on the same account, but it only works on PC. On Playstation it's a bit more complicated. You can make a secondary account, use your primary account to boost a character on that and then use that character to boost a character on your primary account.

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Yeah unfortunately on PlayStation it’s a bit more complicated as it forces you to sign in on a guest account from which you are unable to access your characters on your main account.


However, if you have a friend or can find a Borderlands pro, there’s a crazy fast way to level up using the Guardian Hunter quest late in the game by spamming kills instead of capturing them in the pokeball. I met a guy in game who showed me, and on UVHM it’s around 1500XP/second.


I’m sure there are some players out there who have an account positioned in that spot for XP farming other characters so it might be worth asking around a bit. 

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Executioner :bronze: (Nisha) can be done on level 6. Place all 3 skill points into Ruthless and then just do what's in the video. Notice the grenade just before triggering ability.



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