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UC3 MP Beta Code Giveaway

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OK, So its not like i'm offering you millions or lifelong sex with the person of your choice, but as I'm a PS+ member (yep, I know most are at the moment) and I own Infamous2 it turns out I have a spare code.

If you would like a chance at getting the beta key just stick your name below and i'll draw one out on Friday and PM the code to that person.

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mritual said the codes from inFamous 2 expired on the 18th of June.

Just sayin'.

NaughtyDog were saying yesterday on Twitter to not redeem any codes from inFamous 2 until 2PM PDT yesterday (10PM our time) - so that's not correct...

As for myself, I've already got access through PlayStation Plus, as I expect many have - for once, it's probably going to be hard to give away a beta key xD

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