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Faeria : how is the online???


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Is there a lot of multiplayer content ..? Heard the singleplayer is great but ... im not much of a multiplayer kinda guy ... so which trophy need multiplayers and are there still enough players to get them ...

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There are a lot of players online since you can play crossplaform, also some trophies wich are "online" actually can be earned offline. I've earned Oblivion awaits in an offline battle in Dragon's Lair.

The online-only trophies are:

  • Contender
  • The Strategist

The semi-online are:

  • Living the Dream
  • Oblivion awaits

I call them semi-online trophies because the description states that you have to be in a PvP situation, but actually if you do them in Dragon's Lair (and maybe other modalities) you earn the trophy.


I'm not a multiplayer-type either, but this game is so fun that I start play with other people and it was awesome!

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As far as I know, the only glitched trophy is the DLC-one Fall of the Everlife because I have all the cards (and all the DLCs) but it didn't pop.

I guess no one have the platinum because not so many people play Faeria on Playstation and some trophies are extremely hard to get, requiring you not just an extremely good understanding of the game mechanics, but also a great will and devotion to Faeria. And a bit of luck, as any good card/tabletop game ;)

That's my speedy-trophy thoughts:

  • You are the Boss - all bosses are extremely hard, they have special rules and special cards so you'll probably have to build a counter-deck specificaly for each of them. Building that specific deck requires you to have all the cards, which means you have to earn them by opening treasure boxes that you can obtain in other modalities. Also, as any card game, you will need a bit of luck to win.
  • Realm trophies (from "Encounter with Ulani" to "Secret of Everlife") - There are 4 Realm with something like 4-5 battles each and all of them are coop challanges that you can play both with the CPU or with another human. Beating the realms it's an hard taks and it's even harder if you want to do it with the cpu...
  • Card-specific trophies (such as Armageddon or !egg) - You have to unlock the card first, of course, but getting all the cards it's something you'll eventually do with ease by playing and understanding Faeria's mechanics. The problem is that the game is quite challenging and some request are hard to fullfill casually so to earn card-specific trophies you'll probably have to build a deck for the sole purpose of achieving that one trophy and... hope for the best against the cpu or farm it with a friend. The first method requires luck and the second requires a friend with Faeria: if you are short on both you'll have a bad day...
  • Gatekeeper - you have to play Pandora 30 times, you can play against humans (higher rewards) or with cpu, but either way it's a long task if you play it fair since are at most 6 battles. You may want to surrender since the Pandora run ends if you lose twice, but in order to play Pandora you have to "buy" the ticket with in-game coins or treasure boxes wich aren't so easy to get in the beginning. Ironically, the best way to farm coins and boxes are Pandora runs xD
  • The Strategist - the most annoying trophies in my opinion. You start at Rank 25, you have to play and win ranked matches to lower you rank and if you lose when you are below rank 20 your rank goes up. The real problem is that you rank goes up on its own if you don't play often (and/or if the season ends, I don't know since I'm not a huge fan of competitive play...) wich means you have to focus on this and hope for the best. I was like rank 16-17 than I stop playing due to my stupid real life and then... SBAM! Back to 25 T-T
  • Grandmaster Adventurer - You have 2 quest per day, wich became 3 and 4 when you reach a certain player level. Most quests are easy and change automatically once a day, but some are tricky and stay with you untill you change them manually (you can do it 1 per day if I recall well). You have to play a lot to get this.
  • High End Raiding - Like Grandmaster Adventurer but harder: you have to beat 50 dragons in Dragon's Lair, wich is a modality where there are 3 dragons that change daily, so you can beat at most 3 dragon per day, but one of them is a coop-challange so you'll probably beat only 2 per day... or 1... or 0. Dragons are extremely powerful opponents, they have special cards and special rules so you have to create counter-deck and hope for the best every day.

Faeria it's an hard game, but it's awesome and if you like card games or tabletop games than you really have to try it!

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