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Monark - “new school RPG” from former Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei staff


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Monark, the “new school RPG” from former Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei staff, will launch for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch on October 14 in Japan for 8,470 yen, the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu reveals.


The game’s staff is as follows:


  • Planning, Production, and Direction: Fuyuki Hayashi, Mitsuhiro Hoshino
  • Scenario: Fuyuki Hayashi, Ryutaro Ito
  • Scenario Supervision and Cooperation: Kazunari Suzuki, Aya Nishitani
  • Character Design: so-bin
  • Background Music: Tsukasa Masuko
  • Developer: Lancarse
  • Publisher: FuRyu


The protagonist is voiced by Gakuto Kajiwara. The stuffed rabbit character is voiced by Shigeru Chiba.


The story follows the True Student Council, which was established to solve the abnormal situations in the school. The protagonist, who becomes the deputy head of the council, chooses a buddy from four characters to defy the unreasonable.


The main story has multiple endings. There are different routes for each of the four buddy characters. To make multiple playthroughs easier, you can also skip shared routes and advance through different buddy routes.


Battles are command-based with a free move turn system. Increasing your madness will allow you to use more powerful skills, but if you increase it too much, you will go insane and rampage against targets both friend and foe, making it impossible to fight.


There is also an “EGO” system, which represents the player’s desire levels of pride, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth. These change depending on your diagnosis and the choices you make, and also affect the demons you can employ as your “underlings.”

Underlings’ appearances and voices can be customized.


The magazine also has an interview with the developers. Here are some key tidbits:


  • Hayashi and Hoshino: “We got excited talking about Shin Megami Tensei IF, and how nowadays there are no games like it, so we constructed the prototype for Monark with consideration for the world view and atmosphere we thought important to preserve in a school RPG project.”
  • Haysashi: “I can’t thank [the creators who joined the project sensing mine and Hoashino’s enthusiasm] enough. The chemistry with the other creators was there and we were able to develop the game with the idea team.”
  • Suzuki: “While I’m participating in the project as a supervisor, I hve been able to give detailed advice to Hayashi and Ito, who are writing the scenario.”
  • Ito: “I worked on the stories for 100 students.”
  • Masuko: “I worked on about 40 songs.”


Both the four-minute debut trailer and six-minute background music introduction video for Monark are scheduled to premiere on June 10 at 12:00 JST.



via Gematsu

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Publisher NIS America has released a new trailer for FuRyu and Lancarse-developed RPG Monark introducing the game’s ally characters. Here is an overview of the game, via NIS America:

- About

How far will you go to save the ones you love? Could you face the threats that surround you? Could you face yourself?


Your world is plunged into madness when the mysterious and deadly Mist surrounds Shin Mikado Academy. In order to save your friends, you enter the Otherworld, a Daemon-filled dimension beyond the real world. Within this enigmatic realm, you must learn to harness your Authority of Vanity and conjure a battalion of Fiends, whose power comes from the Ego of their master.


Develop your Ego through various psychological tests to enhance the power of your Fiends, and lead your forces into battle to fight with and against the seven “Pactbearers” that are corrupting the academy. Embrace the power of your madness to gain strength, but take care not to delve too far, lest you risk losing yourself. Fellow students and instructors will lend you their aid in your quest to resolve the anomalies throughout the campus.


- Key Features

  • Descent into Madness – Jump between exploring the Mist of the real world and fighting within the enigmatic Otherworld. Call upon allies, fight enemies, and unravel the mysteries surrounding your academy. Will you save the world or go mad and destroy yourself?
  • Into The Mist and Beyond – Dive into a dark realm where reality and the self collide. The mysterious worlds you’ll explore are brought to life in a surreal, dark neo-fantasy style, with intricate character designs and evocative settings.
  • Power of the Ego – Strengthen your Ego and customize the appearance and abilities of your Fiends. Unlock different Fiends to command in battle, and use the freeform tactical system to position your units and unleash destruction upon your enemies.

Monark is due out for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch on October 14 in Japan and Asia, and in early 2022 in North America and Europe alongside the PC (Steam) version. Read more about the game here. Watch the trailer below.


SOURCE: https://www.gematsu.com/2021/09/monark-allies-trailer

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13 hours ago, Johnathan994 said:

Wow! THis is looking sick!! Is the English version coming out this October too? 

See below (bolded/underlined section):


Monark is due out for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch on October 14 in Japan and Asia, and in early 2022 in North America and Europe alongside the PC (Steam) version


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NIS America has released a playable demo for Monark for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch in North America and Europe.


Monark first launched for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch on October 14, 2021 in Japan and Asia, and is due out for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam on February 22 in North America and February 25 in Europe.


SOURCE: https://www.gematsu.com/2022/01/monark-demo-for-ps5-ps4-and-switch-now-available-in-north-america-europe


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