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Help with game order for remaining platinums


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So I've been debating lately what my next game that I complete is.  Games where I can no longer get the platinum I can set aside as low priority and come back to them later for clean up.


I'm struggling trying to determine servers that are still on or not and which order of importance these games should go.


Need for Speed Most Wanted

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Sonic Generations

LBP 1, 2, and 3


My goal is to achieve the most urgent platinums first based on what we know or what we suspect of future server shutdowns.


Does anyone have any suggestions for the order of the above games in which they should be played?  I would appreciate some advice.  I'm also aware that LBP servers are temporarily down so I'm thinking set those aside for now and come back to them.




My unobtainable platinum/set aside list:


Gran Turismo 5

Mortal Kombat

Burnout Paradise


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if concerned about server shutdowns on the 4 games on that list. i would say


LBP 1 and 2.

need for speed most wanted

need for speed hot pursuit

sonic generations 

LBP 3 (the servers aren't going down anytime soon).

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LBP 1-3 share a server, and said server is “temporarily” offline. So right now you can’t get their online trophies


For the time being go focus on the other three games on the list, then come back to LBP as a matter of urgency once its servers are revived

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