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The cheat code that makes this game easy

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Not sure if this is well known or not, I didn't find out until I watched a platinum video for the game since I just could not beat phase 9.

At the start screen, if you hold UP on the D-Pad and then hit X, you're invulnerable.


This would've saved me so much time, effort, and frustration.

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2 minutes ago, BGriff1986 said:

The percentage would go up, the rarity would go down (since higher percentage = less rare)


Ah, I guess that's just how I view rarity. I consider the rarity to equal the percentage, but I completely get what you're saying. (it's less rare because more people have it). 


The beauty of language lol

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10 hours ago, Sikutai said:

Oh no, now the Rarity for this Platinum will go down.


BTW.: Trophy Guide. - Get to the Top - Breakthrough Gaming Arcade - PSNProfiles


Edit: @thatmuttguy: Are you sure?


Ah thanks for the link to the guide. I didn't see it here since it wasn't in this forum or linked to the game. Weird that this game has two separate forums? Even NA and EU converge usually.

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All of the games like this have similar cheat codes.  They're bascially all the same.  The company is just trying to sell you a cheap platinum with a religious message attached to it.  The games can be beat in minutes and they all have cheat codes where you can press any direction on the D-pad and X and you'll get some kind of effect that makes the game trivially easy.


That said, if you don't use the cheat codes, the games can be somewhat difficult in an 80's quarter-mucher kind of way:  Like the old style cheap arcade games, the first couple of levels are piss easy, but after that, the difficulty can spike dramatically. 

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