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Am I banned?


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Hey guys,

I have a little problem and I tried to reach out to the staff/support but It’s been more than a week and I didn’t get a respond. So I just wanted to ask if I’m banned because my profile wouldn’t update for months and I updated it manually a week ago. Since then I can’t go on my profile, it says “Aww, no trophies here - This profile is probably private”. I know for sure that my profile isn’t private. What happened here?

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1 minute ago, gruffiiti said:

Did you just upgrade to a PS5?

If you just got a PS5... check your settings as it will default to allow only friends (I think) see trophy information. This site wont be able to update your profile here if that is the case.

I just checked, it really set it on friends only. Thanks 

8 minutes ago, Squirlruler said:


Thanks, I will try it :)

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