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Problem with trophies.

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Just wondered if there was a problem with the trophies with this game. I started playing this game yesterday and trophies where unlocking as normal, but when i met the requirement for unlocking the trophy for "Unlock all purrks" nothing happened, no trophy.  Same thing happened for 5000 objects, 250 unique objects and catch 15 mice trophies.


So decided to close the game down and restart it and all 4 trophies unlocked on the main menu. I did delete and install the game again earlier today. Played a little bit and trophies seem to unlocking as they should do now.


So has this problem happened to anyone else or just me? 



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44 minutes ago, denpanosekai said:

Is this... fixed since?

Was considering the game since it's on sale...

I can only speak from personal experience, but I had no problems with either the PS4 NA or EU stacks.  All of the trophies unlocked as expected and relatively within the timeframe they were earned.

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