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Beat game on Normal, what next?


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So before I started to collecting trophies I beat the game on Normal. Now I'm not quite sure how to approach the rest of the trophies.


Should I play Hard and collect all the collectibles and work towards fully upgrading all weapons? And then beat it on Survivor?

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this is what i did to do Survivor + on my second playthrough


This excerpt is from PS3Trophies.org's trophy guide:



To get the game thinking you're on a Survivor+ run without having to finish the game once through Survivor difficulty, do the following:

  1. Delete any patches you have installed (Patch 1.01 as of writing this)
  2. Start a New Game+
  3. Complete Chapter 1 of the game, Hometown
  4. As soon as Chapter 2 begins (20 Years Later), pause the game and save. Exit to the main menu
  5. Choose Chapter Select and select the first chapter "Hometown"
  6. Notice you can now select Survivor difficulty? Select it and play the game from this point on to the end.

Credits to Johnwess from GameFAQs for discovering this method, and LG17 Booda in bringing it to our attention.



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The above while you you can do the glitch and play survivor plus straight away there is pretty much no point since you need 2 and half playthroughs to fully upgrade Joel and his weapons anyways, besides its best to get used to where enemies are as much as possible since if I recall survivor doesn't have the hearing sound whoring wallhack ability.

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Doing that stupid glitch ain't right...I beat the game 5 times....but you can start on survivor now and go for weapons upgrades and Joel upgrades as well....on this playthrough you can collect all the collectibles too including shiv doors,conversations and Ellie jokes...then after beating on survivor...weapon upgrades and joel's upgrades will come naturally while playing survivor+...finishing survivor+ you'll have only the online trophies left.Best way to plat without cheating the game.


An advice though....you should do a playthrough on hard at least to try to find hidden parts and supplies that you probably didn't found in your 1st playthrough.Also to keep in your mind enemies positions and their numbers in each area....this is the only way to deal with no listen mode.

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