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PSA: Back up your save files to the cloud regularly

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I've been trying to do a Movie Night run with 100% heart decisions and i've had a corrupted save file issue happen 3 times now, forcing me to start again. I would strongly recommend incremental save back-ups.


I'm on a PS5 but I can see some slightly older posts online about corrupt saves happening. Be careful and good luck!

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Shame to see they never bothered to fix this. I raised a post about this last year after having my save corrupt about 3/4 through the game and then another twice after that in the 1st and 2nd chapters. Ending up giving up and selling it. Puts me off buying the new one as well. 

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They've had a year to fix this. Unacceptable. I just lost a 3/4ths save, where it crashes at the same exact spot now that it did at launch. I am so absolutely mad right now.


Those saying to save after a session must not marathon run this game for certain endings. That's great in theory and all, but when you're speedrunning the 3 hour campaign not so much.


For others reading: When you get to a part where Daniel and Taylor are on a road, after seeing a painted tireswing on the ground, stop playing and make a manual back up. It'll always crash after this part.


Thankfully I didn't experience any crashes with House of Ashes.

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