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New technique for fast 5,000,000 points


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Hi all,


I wanted to share what I believe is a faster way to get a lifetime 5,000,000 points. As some others have written, the new DLC characters and moves are a bit broken, and you can take advantage of this to get a quick 5,000,000. I wish I had this when I was going for the platinum, it would've saved a lot of time.


- You must have the Mr. X Nightmare DLC.

1. In Survivor mode, play with Shiva until you unlock Spirit Palm.

2. Now, start a Story game on easy difficulty from stage 1. You'll play through the game like normal.


Spirit Palm is completely broken and creates infinite unblockable combos against every enemy, and can be spammed almost indefinitely on easy difficulty. Unlike the Estel bug mentioned in another forum thread, you don't even need a wall to pin enemies against for this bug. You can even spam it against most bosses, and they won't be able to move for the entire fight. Combining this with Shiva's ability to dash with two forward taps, you can fly through every level amassing "out of this world combos" for absurd amounts of points.


It will still be a grind to 5,000,000, but now hopefully much less so. Good luck!

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Thanks for mentioning this, I just tried this out, this is totaly crazy lol :D, still need 1 million points though. 

With the ability to dash with two forward taps which move do you mean? First time I am playing this char ^^

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