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Funny Glitches


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Glitches tend to be something in games which are an annoyance at best and game breaking at worst, but every now and then there's a glitch that is just so weird that it creates an unintentionally funny moment in the game.


Tonight I've encountered two such moments, the first being in the game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Early in the game you have the opportunity to take a child's ball and throws it around (And also dickishly drop it down a well for a trophy), I decided to throw the ball back at the kid but the older brother instead launched the ball high into the air. In response the kid managed to walk up the side of the nearby house onto the roof where I again threw the ball up and they caught it, at which point they began to happily walk around in the air with their ball in hand.


After that I booted up Resistance 2 and played a few rounds of co-op, while playing a match on the Chicago map my teams final objective was to kill a Queen Leaper. mini-boss type enemy, midway through the battle the leaper made a jump attack toward one of my allies and flew clear through the subway ceiling before running all the way to the stairs half way across the building and back down to us.


Can any of you recall any such weird and whacky moments where a game glitched in an amusing way?

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Assassin's Creed Multiplayer always has glitches, otherwise they wouldn't make a "Glitchy mess" profile title...lol The funniest 1 I got was, that after I got stabed from the back...my character fell and just started twisting her whole upper-body like a helicopter.
But the this video shows a pretty intense and cool glitch I wish to get in Black Flag.

Watch Them Ascend Into Heaven.

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Also one time in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, I just started floating upwards for no apparent reason. I forget how I got down.


In Warhammer 40K on PS3, I fell into the ground twice, yes, as in I was stuck in the ground.  Had to trigger a cutscene to get out.


In Sonic 3, somehow I got one of the bats in Carnival Night to turn into a garbled mess of pixels.  Not to mention getting stuck in walls as Super/Hyper Sonic...

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