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Could Someone Explain How to Get Statistician?


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Incase your still wondering.


As said above you get 'innocence' or 'item npcs' on anything and everything , from ABC gum to rarest weapon.


Going to item world, you can chose an item with what ever 'npc' you want to encounter.  Once killing/subduing them, and clearing the item world they will become blue, and this transferable.


Can transfer a blue 'npc' into an item that has the same NPC, as long as there's enough pop. Spots then combine them to increase there level further. 


The cap (in orginal) disgaea was lv300 for leveling the statican/npcs' 


But I've read they enhanced the cap to 900.

You -can- go over the cap via numbers. But the exp% given locks once it hits the cap.

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