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S6 Cross-Platform Link - Trophies Included


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Season Six has introduced being able to link between platforms (currently just PC and Playstation) to an Epic Games account in order to share items, currencies, and everything else between the platforms. I can confirm that this will take your trophies and pop the associated Steam achievements, but I can't check to see if the other way works since...well...I've already done them. I would assume that it would but if someone else could confirm that would be wonderful.


In addition, it's worth noting that a handful of trophies were exempt for me so perhaps some don't transfer based on how they're calculated or it may just be buggy. These included:


29S930455.png Fall Bae
Share a hug with a Fall Guy


32S82066d.png Style Points
Fall for at least 3 seconds before landing on your head


33S179a72.png Big Bully
Knock someone over


34S0b01c3.png Troublemaker
Bump into 3 people while rolling on the ground before getting up


35Seb81c0.png Fall Throttle
Reach terminal velocity



Big Tease
Perform an emote just before coming first in a race round


If it does work going from Steam to Playstation, then this'll definitely impact the fastest 100% leaderboard and we'll probably see some false reports from people who don't know. Figure it would be wise to document this now just in case.

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