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S-Rank in Archery Training

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Okay, so 30% of players here have this trophy so clearly it's not impossible.


The hardest time I'm having is with the aim resetting all the damn time. I'm using, or trying to use, the guide on YouTube but this trophy is just seeming unreachable for me. I really wish they used R2 or something as aim and then triangle to fire in the control scheme.


Does anyone have any tips for making this easier? This is really becoming a pain in the ass for me.

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Wow I just find a little guaranteed money farm just from working on a guide, and this game is related to skill, not luck like the Gambing Den.


It's no way near as beneficial as the Gambling Den as that can get you tonnes of money even though it is luck, but because this way I found can be sort off early in the game requiring no money, it can be a good boost early on when your money is low.


So, like I say, found this by chance just by trying to perfect a easy controllable strategy and this trick is actually related to the Bow minigame.


Basically once you get S Rank, you will get that special bow as a reward and it sells for 750g, problem is you can only earn it once......or can you...??


Well it seems if you DON'T pick up the bow, each time you get an S Rank, it will spawn another one xD!!!


So this is a missable farm because once you take that Bow, you can't do this no more, but can be nice to give you a boost early on.


After spending 20 mins on the minigame with about 10 S Ranks, I was a bit puzzled when I went and picked up the Bow and about  10 Bows showed up on screen as collected xD.


Just thought I would share as I thought it was a pretty cool find. You would be surprised how often little unknown tricks are just naturally found via the experimentation while working on perfecting guide strategies ;)


There is something similar with the Gambling Den as well, that if it is your first visit to him ever, there will not be any penalties applied if you save scum etc!!

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I played and completed it on the switch version and it was just a matter of getting the timing right and standing on the middle tier so you can easily hit all areas without issue. I was able to get it within 5 tries. I later watched the video that is posted above and it was a lot easier after watching that. 

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