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is this game crossprogression pc to ps4/ps5?


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4 hours ago, darkjjda said:

i want to play this game but i want to know if i can start it on pc and then transfer everything to ps4 and autopop some trophies 


As far as I know you can, HOWEVER, be very careful. There is I believe some red text once you get past the title screen that says that if you have an account already to connect it and not start a new account. Starting a new one will mean you won't be able to connect it with the account you made on the PC. I think what you have to do is on the title screen press start to access data transfer and do that. From what I've heard of the process you'll need a Konami ID to link your PC account to PlayStation.

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yes, you can have one account on both PC and PlayStation. but as stated above don't start an account on both and think you can delete it later. 

you will need to create a konami id. this allows you to transfer your data from one location to another. 

if you earn achievements on steam, yes you can auto pop trophies, however you might need to duel once, and then the trophies will pop. that's how it worked for me. 

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