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Unable to invade


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Hey y'all! So I'm trying to finish White faced Varré's quest in order to access the area where Mohg is and so far it's been good until I had to invade another players world. I've been unable to invade anybody for hours on end, does anybody know a workaround for this? I'm currently at lv 130 with no passwords set, matchmaking enabled, got the entire map completed and discovered most things in the game. Is there a way to complete the quest offline by any chance? Are there any good spots people go to in order to invade? :hmm: 

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1 hour ago, Domino_Destructo said:

Maybe it's because at this moment there aren't many players with level 130 and the community has yet to establish the meta level for Elden Ring?


Nevermind, got it! :D 

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7 hours ago, Quink666 said:

If you have trouble invading you should probably contact Putin?1f4a9.png. He can most likely help you out as long as you planned to invade someone innocent that is. 

Too soon bruh

2 hours ago, FilmFanatic said:

If you’re wanting to invade just to reach Mohg then the easier way is to use the teleporter in the Consecrated Snowfield.

Yeah I just found out, but I still wanted the finger and the medal from the quest!?

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