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MyFaction unplayable?


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Anyone else having a lot of server troubles with the MyFaction game mode? After every match I am getting disconnected from the servers. At least last night I would get the rewards from the match when I log back in but that is not even happening today. It is now just using the contracts on my wrestlers and not giving any rewards.  


And this is just with the 3 days early access. I can't imagine how it will be this weekend when the standard edition comes out.

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I was finally able to play for awhile today. It's not too bad...but I can see the grind getting really old down the line once you feel like you've played enough. Getting to 500 Matches won't be a quick feat. Only thing I didn't do was Faction Wars...we need 100 of them, but they just don't sound fun. 


But I want to point out a little tip for people to not make the same mistake I did. This year (unlike previous years) if you remove the turnbuckle pad and irish whip your opponent into it...it IS a DQ. I got screwed out of my 15 wins in a row Lifetime Award because I didn't know this. I was at 11/15 and needless to say, I lost the desire to continue for the day. 

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