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Question about the platinum and the 0% trophies


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After I looking up some Japanese site, I find the following information.



When you enhance your weapon, there are low change it will become a "Flare" Weapon. (Both Physical and Gravitational have there own "Flare" Weapon)

1 star and 2 star weapon will become a 2 star "Flare" Weapon. 

2 star and 3 star weapon will become a 4 star "Flare" Weapon. 

5 star and 6 star weapon will become a 6 star "Flare" Weapon. 

And 7 star weapon will become 7 star "Flare" Weapon.

I think many people knows this, but still I put it here for those people maybe not know this.


ref : https://gamers-high.com/relayer/data/rare.html



There are 8 star equipment (with 10 weapon class, 2 shields, 2 armors and 2 chips)

only drop in Asterism Expedition Logs stage with a extremely low chance.

because of it's extremely low drop rate, and it Maybe stage specifically drop.

I believe that's why still no people get all weapon, not some wired bug.


ref : https://gamers-high.com/relayer/data/saikyo.html


You need all Weapon to fill the Library entire, and there no people getting all the weapon yet.

So these 2 trophies are basically pop together.


They still missing the 8 star Physical sword and Gravitational two-handed sword.

so if anyone know which stage will drop those two, please tell me.

I will inform that site and maybe make a dedicate list for everyone.

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how do u get addition copies of the 7 star weapon to flare them? they apear only as reward or treasure so how?  i have found only 1 8 star at the expedition 19; somone on another site told me that for a bug the game miss 1 bit physical weapon (the one that they give o the simulator named evolved something) so it is impossible for now ro plat but i dont know if its true


ps: thanks for the site with the list i was going mad for finding something like that^^ i miss the last 15 mission of the expedition log than i'll do the treasure hunt, if i find the missing weapon u told about i'll post here^^

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Actuary, I just start ch8 lol.

But according to the site, after finishing the Asterism Expedition Logs mission "ファーストスター"

you can buy most of the 7 star weapon.

(I think in English the mission is call "First Stat". I am not there yet, so I can't confirm it).


and I checked the site, it miss the evol physical bit too. so those two trophy may still bugged now.

(or maybe that evol physical bit not exist LOL)

but before someone getting all 8 star weapons, no one can can rly confirm that.


the developer said they will update the game (with a new upgrade system !!) and release at the end of April.

so even it is a bug, I believe a fix is near by.

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6 hours ago, YuriSF_HK said:

According to the dev official Twitter account.


the patch will drop on April 28.



good, i'm near the 100% all starcubes, but the main problem is the 8 star weapon; i miss only the gravitational shield and the gravitational sniper rifle but they don't drop. I'm replaying the suppressing rebels level(it's the only one who gives shields at last for me) but they have a very low drop rate and i always get the physical ones; if anyone got those two from other levels could please post where? i've done that stupid level like 300 times

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16 hours ago, Ranari_Kai said:

Does anybody know if the trophy for opening all loot boxes is missable if I dont open them during the story missions?
Or does it count if I open them during replay?

yes it's missable i had to replay all the game in new game + to got it; u also need to retake all the boxes in the simulator and voyage( but in those levels u only need to take the treasure box, than u can retire from the level)i suggest u to use the terra teleport. I retaked all the boxes and got the trophy in 6 hours roughly

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I want to add some info about the 8 star weapon, they don't  need a specific level i got the grav shield from the level 9 voyage by using All the teleporters to kill only the shielded enemies and i finally got it, now i miss only the gravitational sniper rifle, What is important for the farming is the class, for example:from a shielded enemy  u can get sword, shield or machine gun etc...;  the type at least for me was casual( i mean the gravitational or phys version) i think the same enemy weapon type drop  more but i got from the same enemy both version of a weapon so i think is random, i suggest to do the farming after all the other trophies; is a very random thing the drop rate

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