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Stat suggestion: Most in one day

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I was looking at my profile and see stats like latest platinum, when I got my 500th trophy, and so on. But, as I spam my way through Free Realms before it shuts down at the end of March, I've gotten 13 trophies today so far. It made me wonder how many I've gotten in a single day previously. But I can't find that info on here.


My statistics page is full of a ton of info, but something like this would also be cool. For Xbox, 360Voice.com has a feature that, right on your page, under a box called "Bragging Rights," they show a ton of cool info, including Current Streak, Longest Streak, Largest achievement gain, Largest gamerscore gain (this would be what I mean), and then the same by week instead of day. Any chance we could get something like this here? It'd be a great statistical addition!

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