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Boosting Method in 2022 Solo or 2-Player

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Thanks for the mini guide.


I'd like to add a "lazy" alternative:

Host a public Onslaught match, join with your alt account and ready up. Let your alt account get killed by the zombies and throw a grenade with your main on the ground to kill yourself and a dozen zombies. You usually get around 100-140GP if you have purchased the GP Duplicator. Finishing an Onslaught match always yields at least 1k XP no matter what, 500.000 XP is needed for the max level trophy and 50.000 GP is needed for the other trophy, you are looking at 500 matches x 3 minutes (loading times etc. included). You probably have earned some XP and GP by doing the other trophies so it is less than 500 matches and the 3 minute mark for one round is set higher because sometimes randoms join. You can votekick one player with both accounts but sometimes you are forced to create a new lobby and hope they "get the message".


Any other method will take you longer and I found playing Onslaught legit too much of a hassle. Hosting a private lobby is easier because you can give yourself 3.000 Credit Points to buy the Mech but you only earn ~100XP per match (GP should still be high enough though)

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