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Servers Down - Is it possible to get Platinum?


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Hi guys, you know servers are down in Yoostar 2 but does anybody know if it is true you can get Platinum if you complete all Off Line trophies? 

I saw a guy who have all On Line trophies after servers were down. I do not know how it is possible.

I hope we could talk about it and try to find answers.


See you soon!

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This guy is save hacker with cfw. He got a lot of trophies out of order, like Binary Domain (got the challenge trophie online and didnt got the lvl 50, u get this trophy while you´re playing doing the challenges), in asura wrath, u need to get the burst in the first chapter, he got 15 trophies after the first one. And in Idolmaster game, the first trophie u got is the silver and the last is gold. He got both in the middle.

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On 10/14/2014 at 0:42 PM, luxminator said:

Hi Guys...does anybody could complete every off line trophy? I am not sure where I read about it could be possible to achieve platinum without getting every trophy.

The problem is that I am still having some missing trophies... 

You can't Plat the game...there are a couple of online trophies that you can't get now that the servers are down. from what I've read on other websites, NOBODY should have the plat, since the servers weren't up long enough for anyone to reach the status needed to get it. NEVERTHELESS...any game that lets me scream "THIS IS SPARTA" is aces in my book!!!!


Image result for this is sparta gif

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