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Captain_Cutscenes list of Platinum goodness


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Even though i've been on this site for a little while, I have only just found out that people post their checklists (awesome idea to the first person to come up with this). So while my PS3 takes ages to install a game, I thought that I would give this a go too :lol:


Backlog trauma


I spend most of my gaming time under a mountain of backlog. I'll sit and play a game and every now and again, my eyes will wander over to the stack of games i've yet to play or make good progress in. I came to the conclusion a long time ago, that if superpowers were being handed out to people i'd choose super speed and the ability to control time. The latter being solely to help me overcome the huge amout of games i've yet to play.


How I choose whether I want to Plat a game or not


I don't try and get a Platinum trophy in every game I own. The first rule I live by is to enjoy the game itself - the story and the journey you go on. I'll never let a trophy line-up affect my decision to buy a game. If the game turns out to be amazing or part of a franchise I am really invested in, i'll tend to go for the full 100% wherever possible.



1. - 3. Jak & Daxter trilogy




Hands-down one of my favourite PS2 game trilogies and a real treat to be able to re-play them in HD again on the PS3. One thing that really shocked me was how difficult they seemed in places. I loved the story, the world that was created and the characters. I recommend these to anyone. The mark of a good game is one that stands the test of time and these are testament to that.

4. InFamous

One of my favourite open world games, running around as either a superhero or supervillain (depending on how you play it) was awesome fun. I really loved the way your powersets changed depending on whether you were good or bad. Cutscenes were told in the form of comic strip one-sheets with a gritty voiceover. And a fantastic twist at the end to boot.

5. Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time




The greatest of the franchise in my opinion. Sleek, smooth and well put together. A Crack In Time marked the definitive R&C experience. A pleasure to play from start to finish and the developer planet you can unlock at the end was amazing - i spent easily 2 hours wandering around in it looking at the concept art and ideas used both in and out of the game.

6. InFamous 2

A great sequel to an awesome game - for InFamous 2, they took the formula from the first game and improved upon it in every way. New superpowered beings, new powersets and an epic story in a brand new setting.

7. Darksiders

I really loved this game - with artwork by my favourite comic artist - Joe Madueira and gameplay which wouldn't be out of place in a Zelda game, I loved every minute of this. Plus, that last bit where you get a brief glimpse of the other horsemen breaking into the atmosphere was great!

8. Mini Ninjas

This one was a bit of a guilty pleasure, I picked it up in a sale for less than 5 euros. But it is a surprisingly enjoyable and well put together game. It isn't difficult in the slightest, but the gameplay is fun and quirky enough to keep you going.

9. Mass Effect 2

One of my favourite games of all time. I have put many many hours into this one and i'm genuinely proud of getting a Plat. It also had some of the greatest DLC i've ever played - Lair of the Shadowbroker.

10. Alice: Madness Returns

A beautiful and unbelievably twisted platform-action-adventure game. My only beef with it was that it was quite heavy on the collectible side. But I really loved the different costumes you could put on and the effects that had.

11. Assassins Creed II

Before Edward Kenway came along in Black Flag, Assassins Creed 2 was my favourite entry into the franchise. Assassins Creed is one of my all-time favourite franchises. I love the story, the concept and the gameplay - the perfect blend. Ezio still remains my favourite assassin so far with Edward following a close second.

12. Borderlands

I'm not a huge fan of war-porn shooters like Battlefield or COD, I can appreciate the skill and expertise in playing them, but they aren't for me personally. Shooters that incorporate a sense of humour and some RPG elements however interest me alot. So Borderlands was a good combination, it was a bit awkward and at times you could see that it was once a different game to the one you were playing. But fun and with some great mechanics all the same.


13. Dishonored




This game was a massive surprise for me. I never saw it coming. But the mix of stealth and assassination in a steampunk world was a wonderful combination. The story was interesting and I loved the fact that you could be a pacifist from start to finish - some of the inventive ways you had to remove your targets in a non-lethal way were genius.

14. Assassins Creed III

I don't think this one deserved as much of a bad rap as alot of people landed it with. My only issue was that Conor wasn't a very well written character. The game felt like a bit more of a 'statement' than an entry into the franchise. It was a fitting end for Desmond though and I really enjoyed the time you spent outside of the Animus.

15. LA Noire

The developers who worked on this game were treated monumentally badly by their employers if the news articles at the time are to be believed. Despite that, they managed to make a unique looking and wonderfully paced detective game. The appeal for this game was that it took place in one of my favourite eras within the US. The fashion style, the wording people used, the cars, everything.

16. - 18. The Sly Cooper Trilogy

Another classic series from the PS2 era making an appearance on the PS3. Great gameplay and character design. Really loved the way they played around with some traditional mechanics which at the time was a big deal considering alot of companies were just following the same old formula.

19. Dead Space

One of my favourite sci-fi horror games of all time. I loved every second of this terrifying journey. Gory, psychological and shocking. I wish they still made movies which had the atmosphere this game managed to generate.

20. Saints Row: The Third

A game which lets you run around naked while attacking people with a fart in a jar. Why wouldn't you want to platinum a game like this?

21. Mass Effect



After they finally released the first entry into the Commander Shepard trilogy on the PS3, I revisited it. While I still hold ME2 as the best of the three, none of them have managed to top a villain like Saren. One of the best characters in the entire trilogy - the fact that he started out with the best intentions makes his character even more interesting. I also found it fantastic that you could talk himself into committing suicide at the end.

22. Sleeping Dogs

Until Tomb Raider appeared - this was the best game Square Enix had released for years. I preferred this to most of the GTA games for story and gameplay. I'll probably take some flak for that, but this kind of game tapped directly into my need for an open world Asian-centric game. I'm still holding out for a new Shenmue game.

23. Okami HD

This completely passed me by when it was released on the PS2. I made a point of giving it a go on the PS3 and visually it is unlike anything i'd seen. Gameplay that is very similar to something you'd find in a Zelda franchise entry, a surprisingly long and involved story which is also based on a number of Japanese folk tales and legends. I recommend this to everyone.

24. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Sprawling, immersive and gorgeous. I've spent many many hours in the land of Skyrim. A huge world that you can get lost in for easily 80 hours, an epic main story and hundreds (if not thousands) of things to do and see around that.

25. Metro-Last Light

Gorgeous looking post-apocalyptic FPS, set in a grimy irradiated part of Europe where humanity is trying to get by. I loved it.

26. Fallout:New Vegas

The world of Fallout in general houses my all time gaming environment. This vision of an alternate history post-apocalyptic world is something I can get lost in for hours and hours on end.


27. Batman:Arkham Asylum




Still the best comic book based game i've ever played next to the sequel. There isn't much more to say here other than - you should play this game.


28. Bioshock:Infinite





My game of the year for 2013. I was awed by every single minute of this game. From start to finish I was pulled in by it. I was presented some choices which actually made me uneasy (winning the raffle was a big one) and the ending literally had me shouting 'WHOA' at my screen. Play this game now.


29. The Walking Dead: The Game - Season 1




I used a different trophy image for this plat as the actual one is generic as hell. I adored this game. At parts it moved me to tears, others to anger at the way some characters were acting. One of the most provocative games i've played and it doesn't really require any skill to play. You just have to live with your consequences and the choices you make - which is exactly like real life.


30. Kingdom Hearts - Final Mix HD





Cheesy as hell, but incredibly compelling - i'm a huge Disney fan as well as anything Final Fantasy related. I loved the gameplay and the challenges here. My only annoyance was the gummi ship gameplay.


31. Fallout 3




My favourite game of all time in general - fantastic game, fantastic everything. I could write pages on why I love this game so much. But that might be for another thread :)


32. Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch




A really awesome JRPG from Studio Ghibli (basically Japanese Disney) and Level-5. I loved every minute, although taming 250 species and creating 150 items was a bit of a grind. Some extremely emotional parts in this one too considering the story itself is based around a little boy trying to bring his mum back from the dead


33. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning





This was a very underrated game in my opinion - really loved it. It had a few issues - horrible voice acting being one. But the combat was incredibly fun and the DLC was really awesome too. It is a shame that the chances of any more Amalur games being developed is very slim.


34. Thief




I felt that this was judged way too harshly by alot of people who went into it expecting something like Dishonored. It had a couple of flaws but i loved the gameplay, the setting (even if the map worked against you sometimes) hopefully we'll get another one in a year or two which irons out some of the creases people hated. I loved this game despite its flawed areas.


35. InFamous: Second Son





While I didn't enjoy this nearly as much as I enjoyed InFamous 2, it was still fantastic. I was really impressed with the bad karma evil ending and how it cut just as he was about to destroy his own tribe. The game was beautiful and I spent quite a while messing around with the photo editor that came in a recent patch. All in all, a very enjoyable and well produced game. Looking forward to what the future holds - here is hoping for some more story content.


36. Wolfenstein: The New Order



I went into this expecting a mindless shooter, but what I got was something so much more. A shooter with brains and not one multiplayer filler trophy in sight. I recommend this to anyone who likes sleek and well put together fantasy/sci-fi shooters.


37. Murdered: Soul Suspect




This one was very poorly received by gamers and critics alike. But for all of it's flaws, I really enjoyed it. I'm hoping that if there is a sequel or follow-on that it is a truly open world version of Salem with alot more side content to choose from and less collectibles. My god...the collectibles. I don't think i've seen so many in one game before, and while that isn't necessarily a bad thing, it would have been nice to reduce them and insert some more side quests. Either way, a fun ghost story whodunnit.


38. Final Fantasy X




A beast of a JRPG. Next to Final Fantasy 12, i'd argue that this is one of the last truly great FF games. This was more of a nostalgia trip for me as I had completed it before trophies and the internet existed in the early PS2 era. Still one of the best levelling systems (sphere grid rocks!) and despite some questionable voice acting, it takes place in a great fantasy world with some awesome locations. Really hoping the rumours about Final Fantasy X-3 will turn out to be true


39. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West





One of the most underrated games around on the PS3 in my opinion. I loved every minute of this. The source material is really interesting as it is based on the famous Monkey Magic TV show many decades ago. Which in turn is based on one of the oldest Chinese stories. Andy Serkis does the voice work and motion capture for the main character - Monkey. I thought it was really nice to see a colourful post-apocalyptic future full of vegetation and plant life. The combat is simple and the platforming elements are very satisfying. I'd urge anyone to give this game a go


40. The Wolf Among Us




Telltale did a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of the Fables comic books this game is part of. Set before the comic series takes place, the whole thing is well put together and directed. Really hoping there will be a season 2 soon enough. The game isn't particularly challenging, but the real winner is the storyline and the choices you can make as it progresses. Highly recommended for someone looking for an entertaining Friday night with a takeaway.


41. Dead Space 2




Hands down one of my favourite horror games of all time. As good as the first game with some extra tension. There were some genuinely thrilling parts to this game, things like the eye operation, being flung out into space with a giant monster floating after you - so much great stuff in there. Dead Space is becoming one of my favourite horror franchises now. I really hope they make a Dead Space 4.


42. Dead Space 3




Dead Space 3 tried to evolve the formula it created in previous games by adding weapon crafting and a robust co-op system. It also marks one of the least-favoured games in the series. I really liked this game, it didn't have the same feel as the previous series installments, but it was a pleasure to play. Co-op was fun and added layers to the storyline that you never get in single player. This game had the most storyline in it too and I really liked the history they wrote in, it really made the game go deep in terms of expanded universe. If you liked the previous two, definitely give this one a go.


43. Mass Effect 3




Fantastic end to a fantastic trilogy. I can see why people hated the original ending, but it was made so much better with all of the DLC and the directors cut ending all in one playthrough. Excellent game in my opinion. Can't wait for the new one that was announced at Gamescom 2014. Still a way off, but i'll be playing the hell out of it either way.


44. Borderlands 2




I'm a huge fan of the Borderlands franchise. I really got into the original even though it was a bit rough around the edges, but with this game they really did a great job of making a well thought-out FPS RPG with a unique look. It is incredibly funny too with lots of great visual design and comedy characters. If you like shooters and RPGS, this is for you.


45. Alien Isolation




As a major fan of the Alien franchise in both movie and comic form, I loved this game to bits. Horrific and tense, alot of people didn't like the pacing as it wasn't speedy fast run-and-gun. I loved the cat and mouse style stealth gameplay. Thoroughly recommend this game.


46. Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor




As far as gameplay goes, Shadows of Mordor is basically a mix of Assassins Creed and the Arkham games. The only area of innovation is the Orc army mechanics. Other than that the story is really light in comparison to some of the more grindy parts. Still a fun game if you have 30 hours to spare and/or are a fan of the Lord of the Rings stuff.


47. Dragon Age: Inquisition




An absolute beast of a game and demands literally 80 - 120 hours of game time if you want to see and do everything (even more if you really want to take your time and savour it all). The best in the series yet, it is what you get when you blend elements from the previous DA games with some Skyrim thrown in for good measure. Next to South Park, it is the best RPG of 2014 for the PS consoles.


48. Assassins Creed: Rogue



Possibly the biggest Assassins Creed game on the past gen formats, it mixes all of the best gameplay elements of AC2, AC3 and Black Flag into one game. The final instalment into the colonial trilogy tying off loose ends that took place in AC3 and AC:Black Flag. The story campaign is about 8-10 hours long but you'll spend easily 15 - 20 doing the huge huge amounts of side content available.


49. South Park:The Stick of Truth




If you like South Park and RPGs, you'll love this game. It is pretty much like playing through an interactive season of South Park. The gameplay is great, the exploration is rewarding and fun too. If you are easily offended though, stay away, even though alot of it was censored for people in Europe, there is still alot in there to upset people. Other than that, it is fantastic and well worth a play.


50. Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes




After playing this, Lego games have now become my guilty pleasure. I'm a huge fan of both Lego and comics, so this was the perfect mix. The gameplay sits as an action/adventure/puzzle hybrid and I will probably be spending a long time hearing the pop and shower of lego studs in my ears.


51. Deus Ex: Human Revolution




I made the terrible mistake of letting this one pass me by when it released a few years ago. After playing it through twice, i'm really glad to have fixed this mistake. Now it is one of my all time favourite games and it has me waiting for the next game eagerly. Fantastic, thought provoking and with some of the best level design i've seen in a stealth game.

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Finally got some time to update the list with the last batch of Platinum earnings. I was considering trying to get to 50 before Jan 1st 2015, if I can finish South Park:The Stick of Truth, then I have the Walking Dead season 2 after that, which shouldn't take too long.

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