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Platinum difficulty and time to 100%

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3 hours ago, emailking said:

I wonder why ths trophy guide says 7.5 if it's a 2 or 3?




My LRG copy is coming in a few days lol.


The game is pretty tricky actually, I'd say about 5. It all depends though (like a lot of games these days) how much you abuse the online, since many of the difficult trophies can be done easily by joining someone's else's game just before they are about to complete game (for example) so you can easily complete the game on 1 credit if you joined in on the last boss.

You can even stay dead and just let everyone else in the game complete it for you.


Playing the game offline or when the server's are not as populated. I think the game is a bit harder now than at release because there aren't a ton of people playing the game anymore. Resurrecting fallen players is particularly important since it means you can basically live forever.

I completed the game on hardest arcade mode joining someone else's game from about Stage 3 in 6 player coop, and just happened to be playing with people who were very good at the game and skillfully enough to keep resurrecting people without getting hit by bosses. (Since if you get hit while trying to resurrect another player, then well that's now 2 players that need resurrecting)


The more players there are, the easier the game is in my opinion. There certainly aren't 6 times more enemies on screen when there are 6 players, which arguably makes the game a bit easier in multiplayer.


Having to learn all the bosses and do itself offline certainly bumps up the difficulty. A difficulty of 2 is just nonsense lol

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You can get the 1 credit trophy on the easiest difficulty as well. Which is what I did. Arcade on Gnarly is definitely the hardest trophy and is going to take some time unless you hop online.


In my defense, I was comparing this game to other beat'em ups I've played, and I found this game a lot easier compared to Streets of Rage 4, which was a 6. I'm certainly fine with revising my original difficulty score to a 5. Especially now that the online is dead.

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