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New Round Invaders Stack.


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17 minutes ago, Camokidd87 said:

The eu one was already out tho. I have the usa eu and asian stacks already. I saw round invaders red just released but i have no clue what it is. So this game has 2 stacks of the exact same game for eu?

Round Invaders, Round Invaders: Rush and Round Invaders: Red are 3 different games, all with their own stacks but in this case, having double checked the tagged stacks (which I should have done to start with), I now know this one is for JP :).

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So its the exact same game, it was delisted from the store from one publisher and then re-uploaded to the store with a new trophy list from a new publisher. Got it. The tweet says they added more though so does anyone know if the old platinum guide will still work?

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13 hours ago, Robert2567 said:

It is the same game you can use the old guide 1f60a.png

More is i thing the red version with is also the same game with a extra Stack.

Yes i was also wondering about the red version. I havent seen any guides pop up so wasnt sure if it was the same. 

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