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While on lunch playing Fall Guys I noticed that this game just appeared on my home screen, it said Season 14 is ready to play now...yet I never installed the game or picked it out of the PS Store.  Has this happened to anyone?


I mean, I guess I could play it, yet an auto-install on a game I didn't even choose...what up wit dat?

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Just now, Helyx said:

Same here; guess we need ad-blockers for our Playstations now.

There is one but it's busted and has been for a while now :(. By going Settings => System => Automatic Downloads and unticking the "Featured Content" box, you're supposed to be able to block this shit but it no longer functions :(. Only today I had to delete an ad for Apex Legends, even though I have ads disabled but anytime a new season of something starts in a game I have no interest in or there's a new sale on in the PS Store, I gets ads on my dashboard and it's really irritating having to keep deleting them.

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