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8 minutes ago, EdgeHosenkan said:

Hey have variable question about this game 


- What i need to purchass for have the plat and all dlc in game ( so not the 100% stack )


- how many player is needed for the empror trophy 


- did have subscribtion like world of warcraft for play this game ?


- ESO+ subscriptons grants you access to all DLC excluding the most recent one (High Isle). The other option is to buy all DLC's seperately.


- Can't say much, a team is probably not mandatory but might help a lot.


- No, ESO main game is free to play, but ESO+ can be purchased on a monthly basis and as mentioned before grants access to many DLC's + some other benefits, most notably crafting bag.

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With max invintory on my personal and horse I'm rocking 160 slots. And I'm always out of space. With out the crafting bag. I would have no room for gear or consumables.


There is a player bank/guild bank that helps with the burden of invintory space.  But I personally don't use it.


ESO+ also comes with a exp booster that is permanent so long as you have + and a discount on teleport costs. And as said above, access to all faction/most story dlc.


Comes with a styphin of crowns monthly too (1600 iirc).  A nice chunk to let ya buy the dlc if ya ever chose to not pay for +.



 I had it going for a year w.o playing kinda forgot Bout it. Came back with 26k crowns to play with. Lol max player invintory and horse love speed/invintory woo

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