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Football Manager 2023 coming to PS5 November 8!

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12 hours ago, RicosTrophyHunt said:

I’ve bought the game and started my first season but after the first game I just get a screen saying “waiting on media reaction” and it doesn’t go any further…looks like there may be bugs ?

I'm about 15 games in, no issues so far

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On 14/11/2022 at 6:59 PM, PondNewt said:

I didn't know about the Vita version but not counting that, this was to be the first proper football management game on a Sony console since LMA Manager 2007 way back on the PS2.  It's crazy really that PlayStation owners have been deprived of this type of game for so long.  With that in mind and as a big LMA fan back in the day I was excited when I heard FM2023 was coming to the PS5.  It's a worry and a shame that said version has now been postponed.  Hopefully a postponement is all it is and it does eventually get over the line and grace the PS5 with its presence in the coming weeks.  

Pretty sure they had PSP releases.

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14 hours ago, SqualllK said:

I can't describe how much I love this game. Hopefully it sells well enough for them to bring 2024 and upcoming releases.

I dont see any reason why they wouldn't, on the 'Best Selling' bit in all games it's already 2nd behind Fifa. Theres a strong dedicated fanbase as well so I'm sure they'll bring future iterations to PS5 

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