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I would suggest a game which is actually hard and requires nothing but skill like Mirror's Edge, WipEout or certain Beat em ups. The problem with GTA IV is that it's mostly just painfully long and dragging. The platinum doesn't really add anything to the game and is rather grindy than hard.

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I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, you want an ultra-rare plat, which isn't necessarily 'hard'... GTA4 being a good example of this (as I've never heard GTA4 be called 'hard,' but it is a super rare completion). If you want some UR plats, there are a lot of good options that aren't too grindy and tedious. Pretty much all of your plats are "common" trophies, so I'm not sure how much difficulty you like to experience (although I'm sure you can handle it) - there are other options than GTA. Still, my motivation to you is that GTA4 isn't hard, but it will be a major time-sink. So, get cozy, experience the world and the story, have fun exploring, keep the guide in mind for missables (if any), and enjoy yourself. Then, when the time comes for the long-haul grind, you'll have a lot of game time under your belt and the rest won't be as huge an undertaking


You got this, dude. Just enjoy as much as you can and then be proud of what you've accomplished. Worse case scenario: you give up and find a game that isn't so grindy... and still get an Ultra Rare plat before you would have finished IV

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