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Wolfenstein 3 Potentially In Development (Rumor)

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Wolfenstein 3 Potentially In Development As Hinted By New Job Listing


MachineGames revived the classic Wolfenstein franchise in 2014 with a brand-new entry. Wolfenstein: The New Order told the story of William Blazkowicz as he survived in a fictional setting run by Nazis after World War 2.


This game was followed up with a sequel four years later, and the franchise has not been revisited since Wolfenstein: Youngblood in 2019. With MachineGames now working on an all-new Indiana Jones, fans have been curious about the future of the Wolfenstein franchise.


While nothing has been confirmed so far, we spotted that MachineGames is hiring for a Senior Animator and the job listing may be hinting at Wolfenstein 3.





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The new order and old blood were great! Loved the way you upgraded yourself through challanges and pickups.
The other 2 games were not really my thing, as they changed too much of the things I enjoyed in the first games.

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The real question is...will it come to PlayStation? 


Really enjoyed the first game, still need to play Old Blood. And I bought Wolfenstein II, but knowing ahead of time I won't plat it is always a little disappointing. But possibly losing this series outright for PlayStation has also made me not want to jump at the chance of playing it again knowing I'm potentially getting part of the story. 

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