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Change Forums back to “light mode”

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22 minutes ago, TheDarkKratos said:

Is there an option to change round avatars back to the original square one's? 


I am joking of course. But I do prefer the square avatars. Hate round avatars.


IIRC, the PSNProfiles forums originally allowed rectangular PFPs then went to circles upon the major update in late 2016 but was quickly changed to squares in response to users distaste for the circles. Now because of the major August 2023 update we're back to circles and like you I think they're, well... Yuck!


Don't see why or how this present forum software would prevent going back to square PFPs (again). Heck, would it kill to at least allow us (the members of these here forums) to decide between a user interface with circle or square PFPs on our own end (y'know, like choosing between light and dark mode)?

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