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PSVR 2 Unable To Track Surroundings


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Has anyone else had this problem? I've reset and redid my play area many times yet it continues to randomly pop up and usually disappears within a few seconds. I'm trying to play The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners but this shit is starting to piss me off! If you've had this problem what did you do to fix it?

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26 minutes ago, timpurnat said:

I have this issue usually when my room is too dark


This ^


That's usually the main culprit I think, unless there's any objects in the play space.

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I think that can happen if you changed or moved something in your room (anything, even a chair, or something that is on a wall or on the floor). If something is different in comparison to the last full room scan you did with the VR2 headset, it might affect it from recognizing it as the same place. This is only a guess though, but I had this problem before, and I think it was because of some minor (but very visible) changes I did to the room.

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