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Partner needed for Co-op Challenges.


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Hey, looking for someone to help each other out with Co-op challenges. Happy to return the favour or help out any way I can. On most evenings (PDT), but sometimes during the day as well. Feel free to add me (BraveNoobWorld).




Trade 1 item (Psst, Hey Buddy...) - plenty of Slayer of Terramorphous mods (everything except Gunzerker) and other random goodies. Not picky, but wouldn't say no to a nice sniper rifle, conference call or level 50 Bad Touch.


Revive a co-op partner 5 times (This Is No Time for Lazy!)


Win 1 duel (Haters Gonna Hate)


Wildlife Exploitation Preserve - Jimmy Jenkins – I mistakenly completed Doctor's Orders on normal and TVHM without getting this. Is there anyone out there who hasn't completed it yet that can help me?


[Edit: Never mind] Eridium Blight - Save the Turrets – Same problem. Didn't realize this was missable.


[Edit: Never mind] Lynchwood - Duel of Death (Duel on the Main Street train tracks)


[Edit: Never mind] Opportunity - Top o' the World – got 2/3, just need to get to the co-op one


[Edit: Never mind] Terramorphous Peak – Cult of the Vault

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You only need to do the first 4. The area specific challenges aren't needed for the trophy

Thanks. I wasn't sure, so I just did the others anyway.


Also the first 3 can be done in split screen with 2 controllers.

I'm aware. Don't have a second controller at the moment.  :|

Thanks, noted. That being said, I don't think my thread is doing much harm given the current activity level on this forum.

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Also, for J3NKN5, do the thousands cut method. Go to the bunker, turn 180° and exit back to Thousand Cuts (to mark your "save and quit" spawn zone). Run from there all the way down to the gate with the turrets (you'll know which one, if you destroy the turrets, Brick will say something and some loaders and engineers will spawn), That zone offers the best ratio of Hyperion ammo crates per route, compared to Opportunity, Hero's Pass or even testing your luck in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve.


Sure thing, it may spawn at once, or it may take some time. It took me 4 days of grind just to get the robot to spawn (seems like that zone also has an increased chance to get loot loaders/midgets from those boxes).

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Thanks, I'll give that a try. :)


At this point though, I'd almost rather use my second character (lvl 31 Zero) and complete the side missions [edit: challenges] all over again than open boxes for 4 days. 


I gotta ask though, after 4 days did you even realize when you'd shot J3NKN5? I feel like I would start shooting stuff on auto-pilot and miss the trophy entirely. :P


Edit: Ultimately, I decided it would be faster to farm doctor's orders with my second character and then complete the challenges again. Took about 4 hours. Almost all of that was the point blank shotgun and rocket launcher challenges.


If anyone reads this and needs to do the same, the runs I used were:

Shotgun - Southpaw steam and power (1 run = 5-6 mins, ~330 kills/hr)

Rocket Launcher - Lynchwood - Out the door, left towards the tunnel to Gunslinger's Corner. At the tunnel entrance on the right hand side is a nice embankment to set up and shoot guys from. When done, head up to gunslinger's corner until you run out of rockets. Lather, rinse repeat. Nets ~50 splash kills in 15 mins. Way more if you had a siren with converge (like my first runthrough *grumble*).


There may be faster ways (varkids in Tundra Express/Caustic Caverns? Circles of Slaughter?) but hopefully this  can be a reference point for someone else.

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