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24 hours trophy

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i thought there was a stats page telling you how much play time you have. if not, you shouldnt be relying on your memory for keeping time of things. lol i would know. just keep playing the game, it will pop.


rubber band your left analog button and lower down the screen brightness for reduced screen burn.

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Any way to get it fast? I've been keeping it on everynight for it to unlock and I choose a stage, but it has yet to appear.



is there, I couldn't find it.

Sorry, ment to say I couldn't find it.



Yeah, its a bit "unothadox" but it definately works. I tied a rubber band around my Vita joy sticks (binding one side to the other) and just left one of the levels in play for a full day while the Vita was connected to the charger. That way it never lost power or went to sleep.

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