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Hungry for Fame glitch.

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Even though the servers are down, I heard somewhere that the trophy can still be achieved if you spam the upload button and get credit even if it fails. Can anyone that is still playing this game confirm or deny this, please? I'd like to start this game but, not if the platinum is impossible to get. Thanks a bunch.

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Yeah, this pisses me off too. I started the game few days later the last guy got the trophy legit and now there's hanging this evil 96% completion game in which I have no power to do anything.


They didn't even give a warning about closing the servers. When I've asked Activision, they just ask me to post my Internet Speed Test results (100/10M) and claim that the problem must be with my ISP. Really really frustrating.

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For me it´s very frustrating, that i started the game months before the server´s  shut down, but

wanted to wait with this fxxbook trophy till the end, not knowing that there would be a sudden stop.

And i bought this game as a new one, not as a used copy. Maybe this is my last Cabela, because

i´m not very amused.

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