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Miguel "MC Hammer" Cabrera


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At first I was unlocking these at relative ease, but now these last few have become elusive.  Been on 2 hr's for MC a few times and last night flew out to deep left center on my 3rd potential hr.  but it fell short.  And once I messed with sliders a little David Wright can't hit gapper for the live of him.  It's a single or a moonshot.  Even with contact and normal swingle... Funny, the predicaments.  Very fun putting all these guys all on one team for a franchise and going abou thtese trophies in my own weird way.  imo. 

have a trade pending with trout going out for two undisclosed talents.

Also that fence posts trophy is silly.  You can't score 2, 4, 7, you have to 1, ONE run each inning.   I've scored runs in each inning but no I didn't score less. 

So while i'm going for these homer/double/triple likes it's hard to keep the ball in the park..... but when cabera comes up it always changes..  :giggle:

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On 8/30/2014 at 1:57 AM, Bbrit1776 said:

Which sliders help me to get the 3 HRs for Cabrera besides the Human Slides. Every other sliders I have tried doesnt seem to work, I come up short with him.

Any tips for this? Still my last trophy for platinum. Having issues playing the game on PS5, the game like to freeze on loading if you restart if you mess up Cabrera 5 for 5 day.

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