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This plat is the one!


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I got 100% on xbox but won't go for it again on here due to how much grinding it required online, and how hard it was to find a buddy to do it with day after day.

It's one of my more likeable Lost Planets, I feel like it has more of a story to it than the others did, so it's my favourite one out of the three.

It was a serious grind.

Why is this a topic and not a status update?

I understand you're proud of your plat, and that's great, congrats, but that's what trophy checklists are for


There's a thread on peoples proudest platinums, why not post there? I suppose you're so proud you decided it needs it's own thread for discussion.

The reason it's better to post in the forum specific to the game is because it allows a person to talk to others how actually played the game. What happens when posting in a "my favorite -whatever-" people don't generally give a FIG of what others say. The topic is geared to the game though. Hopefully you both are emotionally ok with this.

A bit confused why you'd say this now when you got the platinum in January and clearly not playing Playstation anymore?

Oh, I'll explain. I went through a divorce and lost internet for these months. Well, actually it was "wireless" that I could not have(where I live). I've actually been playing the whole time. When I get my ps3 online a good 100 trophies should jump into my account here. I think I have Tomb raider almost done, battlefield 3, dead space, etc, etc.

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