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Full package question.


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I have a quick question. I have already platinumed Saint Row The Third and now the Full package is on sale. I want to buy the full package to be able to play the DLC and get 100% for this game.


My question is: I know that my game save will not work with the full package, but is there a quick way to access the 3 DLC and play them to get the trophies? Or I need to start a new game and get to a point where the DLC unlock? Anybody have done it?


Let me know the details.


Thank you.

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Don't worry, if you start from scratch the DLCs will be available on your phone just after the intro mission where it takes you to your first crib. If you already have a save file then they'll be on your phone.

Great to hear. I bought the package and will be playing tonight :-) Thanks a lot for your help!

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Not right now  :lol: . I only played like 4 or 5 missions of the main game. Haven't put too much effort to play it lately. 

Do I have to beat the main story to get the DLC trophies or what?

I think all the DLC missions are in your phone, so instead of selecting a main story mission in your phone, select the DLC ones. You can do it anytime.

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