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Do you have any pet(s)? =3


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Hey there!

There have been sorta, kinda, semi-similar, sometimes- on-Tuesdays, posts that can branch off of this one....but I wanna know what pets you have in your family, if any =) Or if you have had any in the past that were really cool to your and your family. Or even ones with really unique names possibly.

This is the first topic i've created, and even though I've been using PSNP for almost a year or so as I type this, I'm still new this and the rest of what this site can offer =]

I'll start. So me and my family have been cat sorta folks as long as I know. That is not to say we don't like dogs or anything, I guess we've always just preferred cats. (Dogs are awesome buddies btw, my friend has 12!) To rap this up, my own cat has passed away not too long ago. Her name was patches, and she will be missed. One of the coolest cats that I've ever met.

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I have a 3 year old Jack Russell terrier, had him since he was a pup, I love Jacks, I think they are really cute when they sleep and mine sleeps on my bed every night laying on his back with his legs and arm's stretched out like a boss :lol:

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