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Multiple forums sites treat you like dirt if you stated your opinion.


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There's such a variety of people you'll find on forums, that it's sort of to be expected for someone to give you grief and disagree with your thoughts/ideals. It all depends how you handle yourself and how you handle the situation - that can make all the difference. In the case it didn't, though, and the majority of people are indeed too narrow to comprehend what you're genuinely on about and want to express (given you've been respectful and peaceful about it) then it's best you left the place anyway. Sometimes the burden of making people understand is just not worth your time.

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Correct in the end I was the only 1 Banned


This doesn't sound like the reaction of someone who went into the discussion with an open mind.  Sorry man, as meaningless as my thoughts are in this scenario, I'm really not buying that you didn't do something worthy of a ban.

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