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How did you guys like this game?


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Get RO Ace instead, seeing how it's an enhanced version.  Same with Soul Sacrifice Delta from what I hear.

Thanks for the tip, I will look into them, I was having a look and saw the ACE version just didn't really understand but now I do, I am pretty sure I'm picking it up, pretty excited :)

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I bought the limited edition Ace version, personally it's not worth buying. Buy Freedom wars instead, better story and better gameplay. Like when you hit the enemies in Ragnarok you don't really see an 'impact' with the hit, it's like you're swinging at the air. I sold it after playing it for a few hours...Freedom wars on the other hand has a great online community, gameplay, and story. I found myself not even being able to find people to play with on Ragnarok...:( 

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